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King Kenny
By CornerTakenQuickly, 10-01-2020

So I tried out Baby King Kenny and I felt like he already was an even better version of Ben Yedder sif. Since the prime Dalglish dropped during the release of the TOTY, I managed to pick a fresh Dalglish up for 2.355.000 coins. And he is worth every penny.

The best thing about this card has to be his movement and quick dribbling. I play him with an engine chemstyle and he is turning like Neymar and especially his fakeshoots give him a "boost" not many players get. He always times his runs so that he is not offside, or dropps back to come short when needed.

Shooting - insane. Left, right foot doesn´t matter. Off balance, facing a bit away from the goal, doesn´t matter. He has neither missed a sitter for me yet, nor has he hit the post a single time. Best thing about this shooting has to be near post strong shots or even near post finesse shots.

Dribbling - as i said, I love his dribbling. He does not take weird touches and his first touch often times gives him the space to imidiately take a shot. Very similar to Ben Yedder sif.

Passing - short passing is great, he is capable of doing quick one-twos with his partner up front. Long passing isn´t really a part of my game besides on the wing, so I don´t know about that.

Pace - He is extremely fast, not Mbappé speed, but quick enough to overrun the defence. Maybe put a hunter on him if you like your players to get in behind all the time. Engine works perfectly for me though.

Defence - decent I guess, he has enough stamina and aggression to pressure the defence

Physis - he does not get pushed off that easily thanks to his high agility and balance (fakeshots around the defencer work most of the time). He will get outmuscled when on a 1 on 1 with VVD or Gullit, but who wouldn´t. Great stamina. Haven´t scored a header, but crossing isn´t a part of my game at all.

Overall I think he is on a level with players like R9, Eusebio and the rather expensiv other icons. I don´t know in which aspect of the game Dalglish has a weakness besides not having 5* skills. Hands down a 10/10 player and EA did him justice for dominating in his prime at LFC.

In the end I want to say, don´t let the game ruin your mood. Especially the weekendleague can be frustrating at times, but it just isn´t worth it to let the game ruin your weekend. I stopped at 8/11 or 14 wins the last months although I am normally able to finish on Elite 3. It just isn´t worth the grind for what you get out of it. Peace.

PS: sorry for my English, I tried my best :)

Full package. He has to be in the Top 6 for strikers this game (I guess besides Eusebio, R9, Toty Mbappe, Cruyff and Pelé).

He is so good that I´m afraid that I will not want to sell him anytime soon. So I´ll be f****** if EA somehow releases decent content in the future since I´m broke now and don´t have coins for any SBCs. Can´t wait for his prime icon moments <3

Formation: 442
Position: ST
Games: 6
GPG: 2.50
APG: 0.50
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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