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I can't even create a title
By Groszq, 31-01-2020

Please, don't get me wrong with the title. I just can't describe how good Didier Drogba is in simple words.

I am not native speaker, so if you spot any grammar mistakes don't be angry at me.

I tried many different icons and "well-established" strikers during the FIFA 20 lifetime. I have even used KDB TOTY card as ST for some time - just for fun of having such rare card. Still only Didier Drogba delivered what I expect from striker/poacher, because that's how I use him in my squad. I have also used Ronaldo (baby), but because I am not a good skiller I was always pushed aside. Well, with Drogba other players ARE pushed aside. When he gets a ball inside penalty area it's a 95% chance, that you will score. Varane? Nice name for a midget. Gomez? VVD? Pfff... Try harder. Drogba is an animal if it comes to how well he manages to fight shoulder to shoulder. The only downside of this card is, that he lacks Finesse Shot trait, which you can really feel while trying to score nice, curved ball towards further post. What's more he only works well with Engine Chemistry Style on hime. Otherwise he feels too clunky to be useful. If I can directly compare his physicality to other player this year, Drogba is like Kane 93, but on steroids and way faster.

Also don't expect Drogba to pass in a nice well. He is good at short passing, but that's mainly it. That's why if you play Drogba as lone striker like I do, make sure, that he is well supported with good CAM - in my case it's IF Neymar.

The biggest con - Not your everyday, meta beast, that will do plenty of skill moves, rotate 720 degress in blink of an eye. But if you deliver a ball to him, oh boy, he will smash the opponent.

  • Pace - for a player with such physique and physical stats he feels really fast. Specially with Engine Chemstyle which boosts his Agility and Balance.
  • Strenght - simple put? Pure muscles. I always had problems to pass through VVD and Varane. Now, I ram them with pure POWER.
  • Sometimes when I take him far back he is able to push everyone while defending. That's something I never experienced in FIFA 20 yet. He abuses EVERYONE?
  • clunky - He isn't meta per se with his clunkiness and physical strenght, but if you give him Engine Chemistry it will make a huge difference. Still his is able to nicely rotate in penalty area.
  • passing - not great, not terrible
  • Balance - it happened to me few times, that he fall down without any reason, but who cares if he gets up, takes ball from defender and scores.

Formation: 433-4
Position: ST
Games: 44
GPG: 0.98
APG: 0.48
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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This Verison has a different body type/animaiton

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