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88 - ShapeShifters SBC
By SixNuevee, 05-05-2020

He's an absolute gamechanger, he is like an armenian magician.

I'm an Gold 1 FUT Champions player and a Division 3 player and i swear that I have never played with such a good attacking midfielder.

He can do everything, run, pass, dribble, attack, defend and score as well. He got an incredible shoot in and out the box so I can clutch a lot of games in FUT Champions or Rivals.

For 683 games, 362 goals and 214 assists in CAM, I think it is excellent, and we can take off like 100 games when I used him for the Icons Swaps and the challenges for Politano.

Physically he's okay but not amazing, I find him agressive in-game and he collect a lot the ball from the opponent.

I can advise you a Sniper chemistry style on him and it will be much better!


Shooting (mostly out of the box)



Formation: 451
Position: CAM
Games: 683
GPG: 0.53
APG: 0.31
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (6/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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Henrikh Mkhitaryan has to be one of the best cards I've used all year. For such a cheap price, he was an absolute steal. With 40 goals in just 26 games, his greatness cannot be denied, and I am a gold 1 to elite 3 player in division 3. His weak foot could be labeled as a 6 star. I see no difference shooting with either foot at all. On the ball, he feels the complete opposite of clunky. I used a hunter on him, and his dribbl...
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mky mouse

SO i did him cause i had some fodder and i like Roma and i have to say he is a good lw on 5 chem. he is a bargain and you should do him, I was doing objectives for fati just before i got him and i had him for the final game and he scored a hat trick. Mky is great and could even get an upgrade so you should get him. i play in div 9 BTW
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What a beast!

He is an absolute gamechanger. I´m an Elite 1-3 player and in Division Rivals Division 1-2. Trust me, play him! His passing is amazing, his dribbling is flawless and his shot is in and outside the box on point. The SBC is expired now, I just hope you did it. GREAT VALUE!
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