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98 - TOTS
By uvuweweonyetenyev, 12-06-2020

So I finally got to use the for me most anticipated card of this TOTSSF campaign. I used 95 Neymar Headliner card for over 400 games and now with TOTS I couldn't wait to finally get my hands on an even better card of Neymar. I used him mainly as a Striker in 4-2-3-1 with Cruyff 91 playing behind him or in a 4-4-2 as one of the two strikers.To start off, Neymar offers you an infinite amount of creative options having 5* skill moves as well as 5* on his weak foot. It means he can perform any skill move creating spaces such as the elastico & reverse elastico and the running scoop turn as well as being able to perform shots and passes from either foot allowing him to shoot and pass from almost any angles in any scenarios on any foot. These traits are obviously also given with his other cards, but it separates him already solely because of these two simple facts from 99% of the players on this game making him better than all of those. The only Players with a comparable set of skills are Cruyff and R9. Neymar for me, is the best ball player on the game of FIFA 20. His dribbling animations, the turns, the fake shots, the elasticos & the flair he's got are just gorgeous. I think saying that a card like this Neymar makes you actually have some fun on such a broken and plain FIFA is pretty much the ultimate compliment and Pro I can give this card. He is a lot more explosive and sharp than 91 Cruyff and his shots for some reason are absolute rockets. Compared to R9 94 he is just so much more of a creator and silky on the ball while he's still got the finishing game spot on as well which for me gives more dimensions to his game. Of course Neymar is very weak physically that's no question. He'll eventually lose the ball when bullied and especially struggle but that enables him to succeed at dribbling, pace and agility. In my opinion, this is a little price for all the other things he's pretty much perfect at. He explodes out of every skill move and at times it really feels like you're gliding over the pitch especially if the gameplay is good. Another thing with Neymar is, that he has this stickiness "trait". The ball is just glued to his feet and sometimes there's just nothing you're opponents can do but just pray for the best. His control over the ball is ultimate, better than any other card on the game, neither Messi 99, nor Bernardo Silva 91, nor Cruyff 9 nor anyone can match his dribbling skills and animations let alone the double 5* combo. If you know how to use skills effectively and are good with left stick dribbling you'll get the maximum out of Neymar, if you hardly ever use skills especially 5* skill moves you'll not be able to get the full enjoyment and experience out of this card and unlock his full potential. He can create spaces where there are none and turn in positions where others would just be stuck in the mud. Now don't get me wrong there'll still be games where nothing will click but that's just FIFA the past years... a broken mess and no player is safe from getting humiliated by poor gameplay and servers even this Neymar. He however is for me by far and away the most consistent player in bad gameplay because he just does movements at a speed and with a precision so much better than any other card

Pace 10/10: Especially accelerating he's unbeatable, of course catch up is broken on this game but accelerating and especially stop and go his legs are just always so much faster than those of the opponent. Especially the pace boosts he gets from skill moves are scary. He's the most light footed player on the game

Shooting 9.9/10: I'm a very picky FUT player and I know that there are cards with better shots than this Neymar of course those are not many players though... I would say Eusebio moments and R9 match his shot also because of the 5* weak foot but other than that his shot is perfect, it's just that there are like 2-3 cards with "a more perfect shot". CR7 TOTY's shot is also better but he lacks the 5* weak foot. The only annoying thing is his run up for penalties

Dribbling 11/10: Best dribbler on the game, Neymar embodies the magic of dribbling more than any other player on this game. It is his biggest strength. He dances on the pitch, dribbling comes just natural to this card just like dancing a samba does to Brazilians

Passing 10/10: Difficult to judge on a broken game but he is able to play the most difficult of passes the gaming mechanic allows you to + on either foot so for me passing has to be a maximum rating. Especially as a striker his passing values and quality are far far beyond good they are impeccable

Defending 3/10: Obviously he's not going to win many balls, but he does eventually. If you play him as a striker though it doesn't really matter and he still has the recovery speed in case you need to chase o fast winger or full back with neyney

Physical 6/10: If there are an down to this cards it's the physical. But I'm convinced that his low physical is the key for him to exceed at all the other things. There is no player on this game who has the strength of akinfenwa, the pace of Mappe, the dribbling of Neymar and the shooting of Ronaldo. Stats are an absolute lie on this game, so you have to accept Neymar with his deficit in Physicality but it is key to his overall player model and allows him to feel lighter and quicker than anyone else

Value for money: I'm sure a lot of readers are curious about this part. Now for my part, I think the 95 headliner does the job as well if you really need to get the best out of your team overall and need the difference in coins for other positions. This 98 Neymar is better than the 95 but not by a large amount. I would say his shots are better and his stamina boost helps him especially if you play him as a CAM. He is a little more explosive and also sharper but overall he's a luxury purchase so do not bother to purchase him and already have the 95 unless you are happy with the team you have around him. But overall he does feel more powerful than his 95 and you'll notice a difference. You do feel though that he is a 5 million card in game he feels superior to almost anyone else.

To conclude Neymar is for me the player in this game who comes closest to the definition "perfect". That however is my opinion based on my experiences and what I like on the game. I'm an elite 1 & 2 player so I have tested this card in competitive games in champions and division 1. Ever since I played ultimate team I fell in love with Neymar whether it was his 85 gold card back at Santos in FIFA 13 or his 97 TOTY in FIFA 16 they all bring up happy memories. This year although of it being a complicated year with very frustrating mechanics, he's one of the only reasons which makes me turn on my console and play. He's the kind of player who'll create you the chance or the goal you need in a 0-0 game against an opponent better or equal to you, he is truly a game changer not only for his quality on the pitch but for the enjoyment you'll get from this card :)

+ Double 5* Combo

+ Dribbling, Dancing, Dribbling, Dancing, Dribbling...

+ Finesse Shots and power shots

+ Outside the foot shots

+ Lightning quick acceleration and speed

+ Stamina (Especially compared to the 92 & 93)

+ Unique animations


Penalty run up

Luxury Purchase = Do only purchase Neymar 98 if you really want him and you are happy with all the other players on your team. If you need a cheaper alternative the 95 will give you a similar output and also a ton of fun!

Formation: 4231
Position: ST
Games: 38
GPG: 1.18
APG: 0.58
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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