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94 - TOTS
Jonathan David
By Filthydumblewhore, 12-06-2020

here it goes, my first ever review on Futbin. I never taught I would do one but after playing 10 games with this card, I really had too.

When ea released David, I really had to try him since I am Canadian and believe me, he does not disapoint. This guy is the perfect striker. He can score from both feet, can assist, he his pacey and he can control the ball like a maestro. In 10 games playing 4411 as a Striker on 8 chems, and he scored me 25 and added 13 assist and before you guys say I'm a Div 10 player, I am in D2 and go for Elite every weekend in and out. This guy replaced my Dalglish and I will never look back.

finish everything

5 star weak foot





3 star skill move ( not gonna lie, he could use a 4 start skill but 3 star was just fine for me)

aggression (sometimes lose fight on 1vs1)

Formation: 4411
Position: ST
Games: 10
GPG: 2.50
APG: 1.30
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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At first, I was going to buy Rush moments because he was the only player with a 5 star weak foot, almost perfect finishing (>=97) and good pace for 100k-350k.He came out yesterday, so I decided to buy him instead.He's a monster, every time he shoots it goes in, I haven't done too many finesse or chip shots because a fully charged normal shot is enough most of the time.Pace wise,...
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the best player ive used this year

this guy really is a top tier player on fifa 20, if you can some how fit him in your team plz do he truly is un real. hes played 22 games scored 35 and assisted 15. this is the first player review ive done on anyone and ive used the likes off mbappe, ronaldo and messi. i played him in the 4-2-3-1 formation in the cam role and i play in Div 3 so its not like hes playing against bum players
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