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80 - Normal
By mohdnali, 25-09-2019

I was quite excited to use this card this year. The combination of height, pace and decent defensive stats made Joe Gomez look like a great CB for a decent starter squad, especially with a sentinel chem style. A poor man's Van Dijk I imagined. I was amazed to find out he only cost about 5k during EA access. I expected him to cost a bit closer to 10k at launch so in my mind, I thought I was getting a sure bargain of a CB that would be in my squad for quite a few weeks but oh boy was I wrong. Now with defending even harder this year, I wasn't expecting miracles from Joe here. I was just expecting someone solid enough to make the easy interceptions and blocks, while also pulling off the occasional tackle I managed to time right. But this was rarely ever the case. Joe was utterly useless in my defence. He never won headers as you really notice that low jumping, never made blocks and missed the easiest tackles and interceptions, even the ones I was pretty sure I had timed perfectly. He was out of position a lot and never got close to his man off the ball, resulting in many free chances for my opponents. His play on the ball was also lazy and lethargic, maybe because of the 79 reactions and lack of agility and balance, I don't know. He was constantly outshone individually by what eventually became my very solid CB pairing of Lindelof and Bailly. The difference was even much clearer when I played him alongside my loan VVD to compare the 2. It's important to note your experiences might be different from mine, because I have played against Joe Gomez a lot already and he has been immense for some of my opponents, even though I've been able to exploit his known weaknesses most times I've faced him. I wouldn't recommend this card (except of course because it'd be good for me if most people had him so I could score some easy goals).

Height I guess

Pace too




And oh before I forget, defending

Formation: 433-3
Position: CB
Games: 15
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (3/10)
Dribbling (3/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (4/10)
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im a Real Madrid Fan BUTTTT also a Liverpool Fan and i wanna say 1 thing before you read i wil say IF YOU HAVE THE COINS DO HIMMM !!!!!!! So Here we are 1 more SBC CB card but this time its difrent because he is SO GOOD SO FAST HE IS YOU MAN BELIVE ME im now 10-1 this guy st...
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How opinions vary

Coming here to write a review for Joe, I was expecting nothing but appraisal. Oddly enough, some players have made bad experiences with him. I cannot aggree. He was playing in my team that is worth 2 million coins. Not because I didnt have any left for a decent CB, but because he convinced me in my starter squad in Fifa 20. And his performance was on level with his partner in defense: Lenglet. I played Joe as a right CB.
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Joe gotta be mad

Okay, first off this guy is expensive to get. It's the biggest downside. I paid around 250 because I had some players in the club that I could submit in the SBCs. Pace: Now let me get this straight. This guy is a god damn beast of a CB. Slap an anchor on this badboi and you won't regret it. I teamed him up with regular Militao and boy oh boy. The amount of sheer pace in that pairing is incredible. Sure he ...
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