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88 - IF
From Gold 3 Player to Gold 1/Elite 3
By SReyebic, 22-10-2019

I was saving all my coins in the beginning of FIFA to buy this card as my main man next to first Kai Havertz and later the Havertz IF, however by the time I had those 280k, he rose alreay up to 340k and was extinct... So I was longly thinking if he would be worth the 400k which I had to spend in the end for a fresh one and boy, I dont regret it at all <3 He scores from all positions, he is so agile and fast that his strength rarely is a problem, his finishing is just clinical and with Havertz next to him who has perfect positioning I can assist with Mertens all day long!!! I mean look at those numbers of games played and goals/assists, he wins games all the time either by his assists to Havertz or his last minute perfect finishing as he doesnt get tired even though stamina should be only 74... even finesse longshots are way better than the one of my Couthinho OTW... forget the composure of 81, it feels minimum like 95!

Honestly, except the price of 500k right now, I cannot say anything negative about that card, maybe a little bit more strength, but it feels like pure luck this fifa anyway who gets the ball in tacklings or body checks, I mean Mertens mostly is too fast for those defenders anyway,

  • Finishing is more clincial than any card I have ever played in any fifa before
  • So agile and fast
  • Stays calm even in late minutes
  • Is able to assist consistently as well
  • Absolute beast

  • Maybe the price, however I would pay those 500k happily again
  • Strength is a problem IF the defender somehow can beat his pace
Formation: 4222
Position: ST
Games: 112
GPG: 1.12
APG: 0.80
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (2/10)
Physicality (6/10)
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So ultimate tots is finally here and it is shit and the content wasnt the best yesterday but this guy came out and I had a heart attack for a sec.THE STATS THE STATS.First of all i played him with hawk chem style at st and OMG.he has that 4* combo I think and i have seen it from the shot that he bangs me that the 4*wf is a lie I almost thought that i was playing with r9 but r9 is not comparable.So lets start with the pace 1...
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Mertens can easily score when put in the correct position but if faced against any strong defenders he will struggle.He will be pushed off the ball 9/10 with the 1/10 being if you get a lucky bounce.
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I bought this card because his stats caught my attention due to his 90 Pace and 92 Dribbling. I tried this card in 12 games as an ST (10 Fut champs games) and Mertens has scored 19 goals and has 6 Assists. So far he has been very good and reminds me of Messi due to his dribbling ability and inside of the box finesse shots and his passing. His shooting is near Messi level but jus...
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