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77 - Rare
By ttsar24, 18-11-2020

Firstly, I had used this card to link to my Calhagiri rule breakers, and was overall impressed, especially by his value. To shorten this review to its most efficient size, I will be reviewing only the more popular stats.


The 71 pace is reflected on the field, with his mediocre movement and his rather chunky body type it is vital to not play any risky plays with him that would leave him out of position. I play him as a second CDM who stays back and intercepts. The pace overall was not as bad as Biscquetes, or even Vidal, but it was a liability even with a shadow/hunter. I would recommend using a shadow only if playing in CDM, as said further in my review, passing is another rather weak stat.


The shooting statistics on this card are not what they seem as in-game. Although he does not get into many scoring positions when playing as CDM for me, his shot power compensated for the lack of finishing, but only to a degree. Overall the shooting on this card is passable for a defensive central midfielder, but of course, is nowhere near Nainngolan or even Vidal.


The passing, as a reference from earlier in the review, is at large a liability to attacks. He often passes in a very weak manner and especially when playing on a quick counter-attack, where it is better to pass a simple and safe pass rather than risking any pass where there may be a chance for the opposition to receive the ball. Again, his passing is abysmal. Do not rely on him to give off a quick pass on target to have a breakaway. Whereas the dribbling; it is surprisingly decent for the card with its low agility. He does not in any way move like a player with 68 agility, moreover, if you have any problems with his clunky movement, it mostly stays from his large body type. I had no difficulty when having to dribble with him once in a while and give off a pass. If this is important for you in any manner, you may space his relatively weak dribbling by using a chem boost.


The defending is, again, surprisingly good for such a low rated card. His interceptions is key when stopping a counter attack, and if you have increased his pace with a shadow, he becomes a perfect candidate for a CDM Stay back with interceptions. Although the rest of his defending stats are mediocre, the physicality compensates for all of them. He wins the majority of well-timed tackles (as most players should), and many rough tackles where he uses his physicality to push off the opposition on the ball. I would not boost his physicality as it is not necessary.

Where to play him

Kessie is a great card when it comes to linking players in the Serie A, but also comes with a defensive masterclass hidden within. You shall play him as a defensive CM, or a ultra defensive CDM. Reccomended tactics are as followed; 4222; CDM - STAY BACK - AGGRESIVE INTERCEPTIONS ( is not necessary ) - CUT PASSING LANES - DEFEND CENTER. When it comes to playing him in CM, although not anywhere near as effective, he is also an alright player with his H/H WR and the 92 Stamina, which even some great special cards do not have. Always make sure to not play risky and leave him running back after getting dispossessed, as he is a truly rather slow player.

  • Interceptions
  • Physicality
  • Stamina
  • Perfect palet for any chem style
  • Shot power
  • H/H WR
  • Brutal defending gets most tackles in well.

  • Rather mediocre stats, especially at this point in the game
  • Passing
  • Passing
  • Shot accuracy

Formation: 4222
Position: CDM
Games: 79
GPG: 0.08
APG: 0.44
Pace (6/10)
Shooting (7/10)
Passing (4/10)
Dribbling (6/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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