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85 - FUT Future Stars Obj
By Bababoy6996, 24-02-2021

When i saw the card i knew i must complete him .

his stats don't lie his stamina is great he is strong and agile he isn't that responsive but he is okay and o my his finesses with that curve he scores from every angle i play him as cf and rashford above balance is a bit of issue but with engine all good he is fast but not rapid his passes are class.

Over All i give him 9/10 for a free card.




Formation: 4231
Position: CF
Games: 37
GPG: 1.16
APG: 4.51
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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Worth the Grind (he is cracked)

So, after playing way too much fifa on Friday I finally unlocked this card and after taking him into 4 games of rivals I can say he is absolutely worth it. I think that the 85 version is really good as well but this one just takes it to the next level. Pace 9/10- with a hunter he is really fast and has no problems getting in behind. Shooting 9/10- he is an absolute monster in ...
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Do not sleep on this card

First of all, I am a Dortmund fan so possibilities are that the review could be slightly biased, but this card insane and out of this world. I sweated about 6 hours or so just to get this card and I am not disappointed with it, even within only 5 games. I play him up top at left striker alongside Delort's player of the month, and both of them bang in goals at least 5 between them a game.Pace- With a...
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Do him. I can't stress enough how amazing this guy is. He is amazing. He may take 27 games at minimum to do however it is worth it. Fut champs takes 30 games and we all know what fut champs rewards are like. This guy is a card that i guarantee will last you until tots. EASILY. His shooting is superb, his dribbling is amazing even with the balance and body type, his strength is fantastic. Even his passing is super good. Braz...
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