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96 - Summer Stars
By DJPeppers, 11-07-2021

Well this is my first review ever, and I literally made an account just to review this guy. Before I start the review, Id like to say that before I started using him, I was having a really bad weekend and I needed 7 in 10 wins to get gold 3, which is terrible for me. I played him in a 4312 at cam with stay forward and an architect chem style.

Where can I start? I was looking for a new LaLiga Cam after not really liking Jaoa Felix Path to Glory card, and as soon as I saw this card I had to pick it up for around 300k, which is about a quarter of the price he should be. Fist of all, His pace, at 98, was insanity. As soon as he got the ball, he would take off and I often found him beating the likes of tots Varane and tots Lacroix. His acceleration meant it was so hard for defenders to catch up after he had got past them. Next, his shooting at 95 meant almost every shot went in. His positioning and finishing meant just about every shot in the box went in, while his 99 long shots and insane curve (passing but still) meant almost every shot outside the box that wasnt blocked would also go in. Occasionally the shot power would let me down but not very often, as you can see I got 19 goals in 9 games of champs with him in cam. It could have easily been 21 but I rage quit a game. I found his passing equally as good with his vison and short passing meaning 90% of his passes would find his man, with the only times he missed was his long passing letting him down. Now, arguably his best stat on his card, was his dribbling. I couldnt believe it, he would just glide past everyone. His 99 agility and 99 balance meant he just wormed through everyone, and with great composure, amazing in game dribbling and ball control, the ball just stuck to his feet. At times I would be closed down by 3 people with him and he would just wriggle out and bury it into bottom corner. Just sansational, there is not a single bad thig I can say about his dribbling.

Obviously his defense isnt important, but his good reactions meant he would occasionally get some really important interceptions. However, his physicals, especially with the architect chem style means he isnt bullied off the ball too often, and with such high jumping stats, he can win headers against the samller full backs quite easily. Obviously he doesnt have a lot of aggression or strength so he will lose some 5050s to the stronger cbs but it is enough for him to take some challenges.

The 4* skill moves and 5* weak foot meant he could do all the skill moves required to get past a defender effectively, and the 5* weak foot just added to the fact that he would almost never miss. Papu Gomez also being 5"6 really benefitted his dribbling to a standard that even toty messi (loan for icon swaps) wasnt as good as him. I cant recommend this card enough, especially if you have that incredible Acuna.

Pace, especially his acceleration



Work Rates



Shooting, Especially Positioning, Finishing and Long Shots.

Occasionally physicality


Formation: 4312
Position: CAM
Games: 9
GPG: 2.11
APG: 1.00
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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