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95 - Futties SBC
Juan Cuadrado
By FalcaoIsGoat, 12-08-2021

All the games I played were in division 2 rivals. The way I lined up the squad was Lukaku/Mertens ST, El Sha LAM, James CAM, Adama RAM, Thiago and Kessie up the middle, Gosens LB, Cuadrado RB, Mina and Tomori CBs with Nick in goal. I used gladiator as my chem style, as I knew I'd want him on the wing as well as RB.

After opening rewards, an 87+ x10, and my first 2 icon swap packs, this Cuadrado was pretty easy to complete, and you get some sick packs in return if I remember correctly I packed TOTS Tavernier and Lodeiro from the packs back from the SBC. Up until TOTS started, I had used the MOTM Cuadrado that I packed and used for about half the year, so I am very familiar with how his cards play in-game. I played him as a RB in a 4-2-3-1, while giving him some time in the midfield and RAM as well and he played great everywhere. The problem with all of Cuadrado's previous cards are the same... physicality, he just hasn't had a card that can keep up physically until this card. I can say that this card is great physically, he isn't the strongest player ever, but he doesn't feel weak at all, and he doesn't run out of gas. Just like his MOTM, his tackling is superb, but the main difference between this and his 86 defensively, is his interceptions. he is always in the right spot to intercept a pass or block a shot. His passing is very good, he plays quick give and go's with Thiago much more fluidly then the Joao Cancelo I used previously. The dribbling feels like the amazing dribbling on his TOTS and MOTM version but a bit smoother and more polished. His other cards were considered usually "one of" the best dribblers on the game, but this one may be the best dribbler I've had. He scored 3 goals so far for me and I can say that his shot is very powerful on both feet, which is another thing you are getting with this card and not other versions, although the weak foot upgrade is really deserved based on his IRL performances. The pace stat speaks for itself, honestly at this stage of the game you expect nothing less than 97 pace, in every pos but CB and CDM.

Overall, If you have a lot of fodder and a Serie A squad, definately go for this guy, he is worth it if you can fit him in your starting XI, and with high rated fodder being about as easy as low fodder to get, this is a pretty easily grindable card, especially if you take the 83+ x 25 icon swap pack.

  1. Pace, (9.8-10)
  2. Shot Power (9.2-10)
  3. Long Passing/Crossing, (9.6-10)
  4. Ball Control/Composure, (9.7-10)
  5. Agility/Balance, (10-10)
  6. 5* Skills/Dribbling, (10-10)
  7. Tackling, (9.6-10)
  8. Interceptions/Awareness, (9.3-10)
  9. Stamina, (10/10)
  10. Short Passing, (9.5-10)
  11. Aggression, (9-10)
  12. Versatility, (9-10)
  13. Right Button Cross, (10-10)
  14. 4* WF
  15. Links
  16. Only endgame RB in serie a
  1. Fairly expensive.
  2. nothing gameplay related
  3. Headers
Formation: 4231
Position: RB
Games: 10
GPG: 0.30
APG: 0.40
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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