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Butra My love
By ROcky1995, 04-11-2020

First I have to say this is one of my favorite card in fifa 20. In fifa 21, this card is still good enough to be considered fantastic. This man is moving like a ghost without a ball. He will definitely beat your opponent in lower div. In the high div, his strength does become a problem and you guys have to know how to use it by trying to avoid too much physical contact. As for shooting, with no doubt, butra is the best shooter in-game. I used all the player below 5 m and you have my words. This is one of the best shooters you can find below 5m. Also, he definitely a game-changer, score so many goals for me. In addition, I really enjoy his move without ball, you got to have a main striker to attracting fire and he will ghost through the defend line, he doesn't move that much, but once you see he move, prepare to pass him the ball and press the shooting bottom no matter how hard you push the bottom he will score, he will just takes care of everything.






skill move

Formation: 4231
Position: CF
Games: 98
GPG: 1.73
APG: 0.66
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (6/10)
Defending (2/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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Butragueño the god

i have never done a review, but i just had to for the card. i am a div 1 gold 1 player and for TOTY i always go liquid and just opened my icon swaps base or mid pack and it was mid suker(who's not good except his shooting) I had a bit of fodder in my club so I decided to do a base or mid icon sbc. i did icon roulette and went to spain, I already have base icon puyol so wasn't expecting anything when I checked, but when I sa...
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Insane Player! What a Clinical Finisher!

First review and English is not the first language. I try to find a striker around 1.5M in PC since I play a hybrid squad. I used to be a random D5 player, with Neymar Mbappe and Freeze Verrati in the front. Then I got this guy to play as my main striker in 4231. This dude is insane. This card brings me from D5 to D3 in just one week. Maybe I do improve myself, this is the first FIFA I play. However, this ...
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He is INSANE as a ST !!!

Hey guys, so it's my first review and for a first review I was thinking to do it to a very good player and I think the word is good for this BEAST named Butragueno.First of all, I've picked him yesterday and played some D1 games, he was very effective as his shootings abillites are fantastic it's simple every single shots are in or the keeper do a big save, his pace combined with his agility are crazy he m...
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