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90 - Headliners
The Monster that is Diaz
By spikedmartini, 25-04-2022

Luis Diaz Headliner (89)

Chem Style Used: Engine

Bit of a surprise card really. I was casually strolling through’s “Popular Player” section when I stumbled across the card. At the time of the promo, he was still a Porto player so I took absolutely no notice of the card but suddenly it became a Must Have for my All-Liverpool XI 

Bought at 245k with possible upgrades in the future it seemed a no-brainer. So, it was.

Currently on 335 Rivals/FutChamps games and sitting on 247 Goals with 178 assists he has proven to be a monster at times. Playing primarily as a LW with cameo appearances at CAM, he has consistently been a threat in front of goal and has been surprisingly effective as an out-ball when stationed out-wide.

This is a card I would recommend to anyone that asks. Personally, have not played with a LW this FIFA that gets close to his output and with potential upgrades still a possibility he is a card I could see in my team until TOTS is released. He will create chaos if used to run in behind the line and he will score goals. I compare him regularly to the Mahrez Headliner card from FIFA 21, but Diaz is a monster in his own right. 


At time of writing his pace is sitting at 96 that translates very well into the game when combined with his Insane Dribbling and Aggression. Only 78 Aggression and 77 Strength seems a bit low for the number of balls he was able to retrieve from contact situations. He is one of those “sticky” players where the ball repeatedly falls back to him from tackles and ricochets. He was always a pressing machine and dispossessed multiple Defenders. Diaz has been impressive for Liverpool FC so far and his quick feet and sharp movement in-game will cause chaos similar to his performances in real life.


Being very anal about it but often will misplace an easy pass and struggles with Long Passing.


I thought long about this one as the card has on several occasions bagged 5 goals in a game leading to several rage quits but FINISHING is one instance where I feel he might let you down on the rare occasion.

Base 88 FINISHING seemed a fair rating with a couple of sitters missed that left me confused.

Formation: 433
Position: LW
Games: 335
GPG: 0.74
APG: 0.53
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (7/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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