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FC 24 Make Your Mark Dominik Szoboszlai Player Review - Cop or Flop?

By Dean
23-Jun-24 22:20

Liverpool fans certainly are having a decent weekend in terms of content. Darwin Nunez on Friday and today Dominik Szoboszlai drops into the SBC section with his own Make Your Mark Item. Chemistry at this point shouldn’t be a problem as he already comes with the chemistry boost which is warmly welcomed. Sadly it does feel that any kind of other upgrades are quite unlikely with Hungary’s hopes reliant on other 3rd place finishers. 

You can check out the card here!

My squad is certainly starting to make its mark… A lot of great new players were included in this squad. Dominik slotted into that LAM position for me opposite Xavi Simons, both ready to lay goals on a plate to Nunez.

Szoboszlai certainly has not been shy when it comes to promo cards this year. A TOTW, Radioactive and TOTS card already in the bank and with him making his debut in the euros, we get this MYM item. The card has received a +3 from the previous TOTS card which is a very nice boost. Alongside this of course we have the 4 playstyle+s in Technical, Dead Ball, Powershot and First Touch. 

For the Chem style here I opted for the Engine. I knew with those playstyles he would be making some incredible plays for the squad so had to max out the Pace, Passing and Dribbling.

Here are the following segments to unlock the Make Your Mark Dominik Szoboszlai SBC:

Premier League

# of players from Premier League: Min 1

TOTS or TOTW: Min 1

Squad Rating: Min 85

# of players in squad: 11

Pack Return: Small Gold Players Pack

87-Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 87

# of players in squad: 11

Pack Return: Premium Electrum Players Pack

88 Rated Squad

Squad Rating: Min 88

# of players in squad: 11

Pack Return: Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

A considerably cheap SBC but I feel this is due to the unlikeliness that this item receives any further upgrades. Who knows, after a 100th minute winner against Scotland, could Hungary progress even further? But to complete this SBC comes in at a low cost of just 200k.

How did he perform in-game?

+ Dribbling is this guy's specialty, he is incredible on the ball. Especially when utilising the technical playstyle+

+ Passing was really impressive, more so the short passing. He had a great way of making those “thread the needle passes” to setup a great goal.

+ Interceptions/ Aggression was not something I thought I would talk about but actually despite the low stats, he pressed the opposition well and often recovered the ball by blocking a pass.

+ Shooting on this card was decent, especially the volley to powershot technique.

/ I feel it is worth saying that despite the high pace he didn’t feel that fast due to the pace split. It took him a bit of time to get going.

Szoboszlai - Cop or Flop?

This card was good, but not great. He did a pretty good job at playing some quick passes and dribbling around players. But at this stage of the game, most items should be able to do that. This card doesn’t stand out for me. What also hurts this card is the unlikeliness of another upgrade.

That being said, I feel this SBC is absolutely saved by how cheap it is. It makes absolute sense to be this cheap with all things considered. So much so it’s hard for me to say no to completing. Will he get in your team? Sure. But something tells me this card becomes outdated very quickly and won’t last long. So if you have the spare fodder lying around and nothing else to complete, go for it. Otherwise maybe hold off on pulling the trigger.

Verdict = COP (If you have the spare fodder)

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