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93 - Player Moments SBC
Lucas Moura -- Is he worth it?
By jasonqh19, 31-05-2020

So, first I'd like to say that the star ratings are completely disregarded here as I do not find them an acceptable way to gauge a player's value. To those who simply looked at the lackluster star rating, felt dis-encouraged by it, and promptly left--I'm sorry. Also, this will not be short, as I have not nailed brevity well. If you feel like you should not invest a ton of time in reading a Futbin review, I completely understand.

For those of you who are reading this right now, welcome! You're probably reading this because you're curious about the card, but didn't want to make the huge investment in an untradeable player, especially when there is little information about him right now. And, you also saw the legions of people calling him overpriced, and thought "Huh, they're probably right, I don't think I should do this." Let me say, that's a completely fair reaction. Because after 20 games I still cannot say for certain whether or not I think the 1 million price tag is completely fair. It's true he'd probably go for more than Richarlison on the market, and it's also true that at 600k you'd have to play against him every game and that'd be waking hell. Therefore, I feel like this price tag is good ONLY in the sense that it keeps him appropriately rare relative to his ability. This doesn't answer, however, whether or not you should spend that 1 million on him

He's a 1-million coin Eusebio without the fear factor that comes with playing against Eusebio. His stats do not lie here. Compare his body type, SM/WF, and total stats to 93 Eusebio and you will see they are pretty comparable and I can say for certain he plays a lot like Eusebio in game. Eusebio's insane shot, his sticky dribbling--that's all there in this card. Perhaps some of Eusebio's strength is missing, but if you're trying to hold off defenders with Lucas Moura's body you're probably doing something wrong. The comparison to Ben Yedder, in my opinion, is unfounded--despite the obvious similarities. I never found Ben Yedder to be that strong on the ball and his shot always felt overrated to me. If you're picking up Moura because you love Yedder, I don't think you'll necessarily have a good time. If you're picking up Moura because you love Eusebio, well you should probably keep using Eusebio. That's the issue here. Moura can really only be most effective when played in the central CAM spot, but at this point in the game you may have a whole host of options and many of them may not be replaced by Moura. Comparing him to Neymar, for example, is somewhat unfair because they are very different players and the issue with Moura is that you have no ability to mulligan your mistake if you find out you don't like him. My playstyle isn't your's, and you could hate him.

Now, I recommend reading the pros and cons because this is more of a conclusion. For 1 million coins, there's a compelling argument that he simply isn't worth it, especially because you've now dumped about that much into someone you can't trade. If you find out that you don't like him--you're kinda screwed. And that kind of opportunity cost is hard to overcome, especially because you absolutely have to play him at CAM. You can't get the best out of him otherwise. For the 1 million coins, you can try out TOTY Mane, that new Youcef Atal or SS Ben Yedder, and if you don't like them you can trade them afterwards. However, don't get me wrong, if you match up against this guy in WL you're gonna hate it. He's probably gonna pull of some kind of wonderful, only-in-FIFA BS and you'll feel screwed. I feel bad because of how I screw people over with this card--that's how powerful he can be.That's the enigma of this Lucas card. Horrible to play against, but maybe not a great investment. Especially if you just want to have fun, because this card isn't fun, it's just amazing. And those two are separate.

Pace -- Obviously rapid. Playing in the central CAM spot in 4-2-3-1, I felt most surprised at how quickly he was able to get back and make the tackle. Playing central CAM, you're not necessarily asking that player to do a lot of running going forwards. But on the wings he also proved his ability, because he simply could not be caught, even when going up against the likes of TOTS Reguilon. However, there is one issue with playing Lucas on the wings, which will be covered in physical.

Shooting -- Wonderful shot. Don't try and go for finesse shots with him if at all possible. He's definitely more suited to full-on power. both his feet feel perfect and if you asked me which one was his strong foot--I could not tell you. I do not exaggerate when I say that unsaveable Eusebio-esque shot is present in this card. Shooting, also, can be a function of how open a player gets, and Lucas has no trouble in that regard. One particular highlight is his 99 balance, which is certainly present and can save you when you take a shot that's too heavy or get slightly clipped on the edge of the box. He hit the post a fair few times for me, mostly as a result of going full-power on shots, but he's also a bit of a rebound god. Which is an unfortunate thing to say because rebounds are quite possibly the worst thing to concede. When going up or playing with Lucas Moura, BS goals will be scored, without a doubt.

Dribbling -- Dribbling is, again, a function of whether or not the player can get open while dribbling. And Lucas certainly can. His left stick dribbling is smooth, responsive and even in the worst of gameplay can do a job. I find that sometimes select players can have pretty horrid first-touch, but Lucas possesses none of that shortcoming. He's also remarkably agile on the ball, squeezing into the tightest of spaces and getting the shot off whenever he wants. It's really refreshing to have a player who doesn't get all of his shots auto-blocked and as I see it, that's mostly a function of dribbling as opposed to shooting.

Passing -- You might see Moura's passing and assume that's a dealbreaker in this card, especially when playing CAM. I find generally my CAM is a bigger spearhead and finisher of my attacks than my ST, so maybe I haven't tested Moura's passing enough, but he always seemed to be able to get it off and with proper weight. Over 20 WL games, he collected a healthy total of 14 assists, which may not sound fantastic but that's much more than I usually get out of my CAM. He's also a good outlet passer, when playing out of the only-in-FIFA 80th minute team press, he can do well and he'll find the space that he needs to exploit to help your team out. This card is an immensely hard worker.

Defending -- Playing a CAM with come back on defense, you expect Moura to be able to cut some passing lanes while also pressuring your opponent's midfield double-pivot and forcing errors. He's able to do this job well. It's not a lot but it's something.

Physical -- Only one small concern with this card--I find Ben Yedder to be very weak obviously but with Lucas I have no problems in that sense. However, I find that, even with Marksman, pulling out the fake-shot-speed-boost, a crucial skill for basically anyone, he can be beaten for physicality on that skill. This may not sound like a lot but for how important this skill is, I feel like it's worth mentioning. His stamina is also somewhat concerning. Near the end of WL matches through the 105th minute, he can end up being pretty tired. This is definitely because of how I play come back on defense with my CAM, but a lot of people play this way so I won't be the only one with that concern. If you invest 1mil coins into a player, you'd hope they can play the whole match through extra time, and sometimes I keep him on just because I feel like I probably should, so that's definitely an issue.

Traits -- Again, Eusebio doesn't have any incredible traits and he's pretty OK. So I feel like this concern is overrated. Would it be nice if he could hit outside foot shots--certainly, but it's not necessary given his 5 star WF. Would it be nice if he could bend it like Beckham? Sure, I guess, but if the ball goes into the net either way it's not much of a concern. You could say this card, because of a lack of traits, lacks the requisite versatility for a player of this price tag, but I don't find myself thinking "If he had X trait that would've gone in" oh-so-often.

Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 20
GPG: 1.35
APG: 0.70
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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