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98 - TOTS
The Ultimate Luxury player
By Guccichild, 11-08-2020

I packed him in an untradeable 89+ guaranteed pack, easily my best drop of Fifa 20. Upfront- he may be the best pure attacker in the game (& I’ve tried prime R9, Ben Yedder).

On the dribble, the ball sticks to his feet with the wealth of skill & weak foot options meaning if you get into the right position he’s gonna score from distance or up close, or pull off a ridiculous defence splitter. There are times he feels unstoppable & I’ll just break out laughing at what he just did to an opponent- his only attacking limitation is your own skill. His animations & even standing still about to face a 1:1 he feels electric, and you feel the opposition is slightly scared. He also seems to be the very best I’ve used in all set piece scenarios with a better level of control than 99 Messi/Ronaldo.

I regularly rank in the elites of weekend league, but I now understand why even some of the top players use him as a super sub as his performance is incredible in the right positions but you use him to attack or score- he’s not gonna win you the ball in or around the box or be used to back into players & lay off to others. He’s the ultimate difference maker in deadlocked scenarios but he’s a roll of the dice if your looking for consistency/to hold a lead.

He requires a VERY high level of skill to use properly- for everytime he’s breached a rock solid defence- his lack of strength really does fell like the slightest nudge & he’s dispossed with his lack of a standing tackle means you’re unlikely to win back possession. He also HAS to be deployed in or around the box. he’s a tactical liability & completely out of the play in anything but the most advanced midfield positions, however putting free roam on him noticeably improves positioning. You also have to focus when using him- I swapped him out for TOTTSF Griezman & if casually using him in build up play but not concentrating, he gets dispossed easily.

He makes me want to train with him and become a better player to use him properly- but for the 3.2 million he goes for I know I could reinforce my team with 2/3 players who would improve my all round performance.

  • For a highly skilled player, the best attacker in the game. If the balls at his feet around the box, somethings going to happen. He’s full throttle, balls to the wall attack, attack, attack.
  • He’s so damn fun to play, encourages experimentation & forces you to be a better player. There is pure joy in the frequent ridiculousness of his plays.
  • Attempting skill moves feels forgiving, he makes you look GOOD.
  • In possession, he noticeably induces panic in some oppositions. As in real life, I’ve not seen a player fouled so often.
  • In deadlocked scenarios, a real difference maker. You have confidence in him in most final 3rd scenarios.
  • Used high end Messi, R7 & Ben Yedder- would Choose this card over them

  • Unsure of his best position- for each high, there’s a downside payoff.
  • You need other high level Brazil/icons/PSG players for strong chemistry- however using finisher there’s little to no difference in 5-10 chem.
  • He’s tactically limited- you’re only options are to Skill/dribble out of trouble or pass it off, when he’s in possession you use him to attack. His defence & physicality is bronze level, his heading wayward. Phi’s also contact in anyway = loss of possession.
  • requires top end skill usage to use him properly- for every high he delivers, there’s a head banging moment of losing possession in simple scenarios. The first player in the game to make me feel inadequate when using
  • Getting a game to use him- a large number of players seem to quit if he’s in your starting lineup
  • You loose with him in your team, you’re getting trolled.
Formation: 4141
Position: LM
Games: 22
GPG: 0.82
APG: 0.41
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (3/10)
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