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Coutinho - 89 - OTW
awesome CAM
By Richhain, 23-10-2019

I think this may end up as one of the best cards in the game this year, he already has one IF and playing for Bayern i would fancy him to get another few this year but even without any further upgrades he's insane. I have a mainly prem squad but Roussilion at LB and he links with my Lucas Moura at 9 chem. I swap them IG and play him CAM. His dribbling and first touch are exceptional with L1 dribbling he moves away and around players easily and he gets out of tight spaces, if you are confident twisting and turning under pressure he is amazing and when opponents try the 2nd man press he can get away and get a pass forward. His passing range is great and he has plenty of assists for me with through balls and little passes around the box. His shooting is exceptional as well the 4star WF and even without the finesse trait he is great at bending them in the top corner, i have hunter on him for the extra acceleration as i play a lot of one two's with him but deadeye would also be insane for this card. With people playing drop back his dribbling skills but also the danger from long shots means he causes lots of problems for people, he just smashed 7 goals in my last two games and i've barely played battles with him so his goals/assits are WL and rivals - going for around 200k at the moment so i'd get on that






Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 80
GPG: 0.81
APG: 0.44
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (4/10)
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Must Have for Coutinho / Bayern fans

I´m a big fan of Coutinho so after he came out i know that i have to do him.Ive done him nearly for 100k because of untrades / fut champ rewards i recommend to craft him for <200k because over 500k in this stage of the Game is to much for this Stats.After ive done him i tested him...
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Coutinho, The Man

Ive tried most of the OTW cards. I ended up liking this one the most. Coutinhos touch is phenomenal with vision and passing equally as good. His shot is great as well, which makes him a threat anywhere around the box. He works well on the wing with solid passing, and cutting in for a shots, and if you want, makes an even better CAM if you need him their. (switch him in game) His nationality is perfect for linking, so he fit...
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Pretty good, he has the sticky, he dribbles like a mad lad, he sadly doesn't have the finesse shot idk why ea. BUT he has bad composure and it feels like he's not able to score sometimes with the HAWK or HUNTER chemistry style, but with a SNIPER, he's a beast, scores, dribbles like a god, passes like a god, and also comeback sometimes somehow to defend and make pressure. HOWEVER...
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