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90 RTTF Joshua Kimmich Player Review - Cop of Flop

Team of the Year is over and as we reflect on what has been a rollercoaster couple of weeks, we quickly move onto the next big thing, which happens to be the Road to the Final Promo. This promo can be pretty exciting because in the past we have been given some great endgame cards (Once they have their respective boosts of course).

Most notable in this promo is that the marquee players from each competition have been given the secondary playstyle plus, of which I am very happy to see carrying forward from TOTY. On that note I will say that this has quickly brought Ansu Fati and Rafael Leao back into the Meta fold  and suddenly a lot of the community will be routing for Brighton & AC Milan..

But onto the SBC content for today and on the back of Team of the Year we have a former TOTY player in Joshua Kimmich. This one feels quite promising as you could say this card is guaranteed to see an upgrade.

You can check out the card here!

This card already looks really good, a glimpse at his previous Team of the Season card from previous years, which can only mean if he does get a card this year, it will be phenomenal. He has been given a secondary Playstyle+ in the Pinged Pass which completely maxes out his passing. As well as being given the Bruiser playstyle. On top of that he has a boost in skill moves up to 4*. So some really decent baseline upgrades already.

For those unaware, upgrades are of course based on the players’ respective club’s performance in the UCL/UEL/UECL and this is the criteria for these cards to earn an upgrade:

  1. Win or Draw 1st knockout game after campaign launch (+1 Inform Upgrade)
  2. Qualify for Quarter Finals (+1 Inform Upgrade)
  3. Qualify for Semi Finals (1+ Inform Upgrade)
  4. Qualify for the Final (+1 Playstyle+)
  5. Win the Final (+1 Inform, 5* Weak Foot, 5* Skill Move Upgrade)

So through this promo we are likely to see the first cards released that have 3 Playstyle Pluses! On top of that, if Bayern Munich win the Champions League (Including winning or drawing their 1st knockout game), this Kimmich card goes to a 94 Rated card with 5*/5* and another Playstyle+. Incredible.

So I dropped Kimmich straight into the Midfield alongside TOTYHM Xhaka and Flashback Bruno Fernandes. It’s worth noting that as well as being able to play CDM, Kimmich can also play CM as well as RB. Between the Bundesliga DMs I knew nothing was getting through and they could both utilise their respective passing playstyles to get the ball to the attack.

The chemstyle I opted for was the Shadow to top up the pace as well as a nice boost to the Defending. However an Anchor chemstyle would also be a great choice.

Here are the following segments to unlock the Road to the Final Kimmich SBC

#1 - FC Bayern Munchen

Number of players from FC Bayern Munchen: Min 1

Number of TOTW Players: Min 1
Squad Rating - 84
Pack Return - Premium Gold Pack

#2 - Germany

Number of players from Germany: Min 1

Number of TOTW Players: Min 1
Squad Rating - 85
Pack Return - Jumbo Gold Pack

#3 - Top Form

Number of TOTW Players: Min 1
Squad Rating - 86
Pack Return - Prime Mixed Players Pack

#4 - Bundesliga
Number of players from Bundesliga: Min 1
Squad Rating - 88
Pack Return - Premium Gold Players Pack

With these kind of items you have to consider the possibility of what the end game result of this card woud be. Just look at the RTTK Bacha card, that was certainly coins well spent and coming in at around 450k, I think this one could be the same

How did he perform in-game?

+ Passing was huge on this card, with the Long Ball and Pinged Pass Plus playstyles, this guy was an absolute master passer.

+ Positioning was sublime from Kimmich, he was also in the right place, right time when it came to intercepting the ball and putting a quick halt to counter attacking. 

+ On the back of his positioning, his Aggression was also something worth calling out because this man would hunt down the ball like it had a million dollar bounty and would stop at nothing to get his prize.

+ Dribbling on this card was also fairly decent, he did a real good job at holding onto the ball which then played into utilising the great passing felt like magic.

/ Whilst his Strength is on the lower side, I wouldn’t say it was too noticeable as he did a really good job at holding his own. Still could use a slight boost though to make him a complete DM.

Joshua Kimmich - Cop or Flop?

This one for me is a no brainer. Our coin balances may have taken a bit of a hit after Team of the Year but if you have the coins available, pick this card up. Without the campaign upgrades this card feels amazing. I can only imagine Bayern will get the win in their next game against Lazio, which would earn the first upgrade. As well as more than likely progressing through the competition. 

This item feels like another Bacha, get it complete because I feel this is getting many upgrades.

Verdict = COP

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