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FC 24 Future Stars News, Predictions, Release Date & More

Future Stars is coming! 

After a very slow content week with Road to The Final we’re already being teased with what’s up next in FC 24, a returning favourite, Future Stars.

It’s been a regular promo since FIFA 19 celebrating the best young talents and juicing their cards to let them compete with the world's best.

When Is Future Stars?

Future Stars is launching this Friday (9th February) and for the first time ever, will include Icons. Presumably it will be a 2 week promo as it has been for the last few years, meaning we’ll see plenty of exceptional cards. 

Card Design

We’ve been shown 2 of the brand new Future Stars card designs and as we always say, these guys need more credit. The design team have smashed it out of the park with both the regular and icon version of the card. We’d also expect a custom Future Stars Evolution card to arrive which would look similar to the base here. 

Confirmed Future Star

Trinity Rodman is the first confirmed Future Star, as to be expected as she is an FC 24 cover star! Double PlayStyles+ seem to be standard now as she’s been given Relentless and Quick Step to add to those already brilliant stats!

Future Stars Academy

One aspect of the promo we’re looking forward to is the Future Stars Academy. This is an objective based grind which allowed you to upgrade lower rated cards through objectives. Osimhen and James in FIFA 20 were hugely popular. We already see this concept used in Evolutions but we wouldn’t mind getting both this year!

Future Stars Icons

Yes that’s right, for the first time in Ultimate Team history we’re getting Future Star Icons. There are two possibilities for this (we think), one is that the card will be a younger version of the icon and act like a Baby Icon from past FIFA’s. This would make the cards more affordable and fit in line with the theme of the promo. The second option is just to upgrade the cards from their next best version, celebrating the fact they were a Future Star. Which would you prefer?


There are plenty of upcoming stars we wanted too feature but there were just so many, check out a few of our predicted cards here!

Future Stars Showdown

This is just a concept we’ve designed but it’s something we’d love to see implemented! Pick two young stars from an upcoming game and instead of the standard +2 and small card design change, we’ve upgraded by 4 and to a crazy Showdown x Future Stars design!


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