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FUT 19 Prime Moments George Best

Prime Moments George Best


“Three of the BEST, he’s made them pay, and that completes a wonderful hat-trick!”  I now know why this quote made its way into FUT commentary … a tribute to the Northern Irishman and his affinity for scoring goals in bunches.  The long lost member of the Beatles, Georgie Best was on the keyboard all weekend long making opponents dance to the beat of his incredible rhythm on the ball.  Sometimes Love is All You Need, but in Weekend League you need goals to get you over the line and Prime Moments Best is just the man to deliver on the big stage.


Final Score

Final Rating: 9.7/10

While the EA Servers were Helter Skelter all weekend, there was one consistent in my squad, George Best running fast with the ball.  With the HAWK chemistry style applied you have 99 ACCELERATION & SPRINT SPEED, while only 90 LONG SHOTS & 98 PENALTIES fail to reach perfection in the Shooting statistics.  Some much need Physical boosts are also welcome and at 89 STAMINA this card is consistently effective and dangerous.  32 goals, 13 assists = 45 goal contributions in 20 games, a phenomenal return given the state of the gameplay and the fact that some of these games involved my opponents quitting early.



Rating: 5/5

The more I try different ICON options the more I appreciate the way they allow different squads to Come Together and link harmoniously.  Currently, my squad is growing more and more a single-minded Premier League team, but as the release of TOTS arrives I will start to dabble in different hybrids.  ICONS are a must to have both quality and connection in squads.


End Game Strength & Value/Coins

EGS Rating: 5/5

V/C Rating: 4/5

After the success, I experienced with this card this past Weekend League I give Georgie Best the Ticket to Ride for the remainder of FIFA 19 and he can easily outlast the quality options TOTS will bring.  The 4 STAR WEAK FOOT & SKILLS are just the beginning of the goal scoring power this card provides.  I also found a lot of overcommitment from defenders when I was on the ball and opened options for the variety of assists Best accumulated.
If you are Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and coins are not your concern then this is definitely a must-have option for attacking the wings and adding pace to the squad.  However, my rating of the value for coins of this card comes more from the comparable options on the market.  Is Best worth 1.6 million in terms of the quality and results? Yes.  Is Best worth 500k more than 91 rated Mbappé who has equivalent stats and qualities? No. 



Rating: 3.5/5

Despite my quote to start this review (which is a joke, before anyone lets me know) there are minimal unique qualities about Best.  His dynamic image is fantastic, the Prime Moments cards are a unique card design, but that is about all.  Best shares some fantastic statistic combinations with quite a few high-end cards Across the Universe of FUT, but does not stand alone in any respect.

Good vs. Bad

G/B Rating: 4.5/5

The negatives qualities associated with Best all fall into the Physical category … and some in the price point.  While the Pace & Dribbling Best has on the ball keeps the majority of defenders at arm’s length, if they do manage to close him down the ball is lost.  Not a great deal of strength on the ball, and even worse physicality in the air.  I put quite a few crosses in the direction of Best throughout the weekend and only one bulged the net.  While you Can’t Buy Me Love, you can buy my love and this card just about had me trying to find ways to keep Best in the squad; I then had to get realistic that I do not have the coins to put them all into a single card, even of this quality.  I expect price will cause other FUT Managers to second guess this card as well … but if you like Best, or have been thinking about completing/buying this card… the good FAR outweighs the bad.


Closing Words

I find this category to be the most difficult to write.  By now I have gone over the in-game statistics, my Weekend League experience, the price has been debated, and you have looked at the squad/goal contributions … so what is left?  Perhaps I should just Let It Be or try to continue pushing my Beatles connections to the point of nausea…but instead, I will just leave you with a thought about this card.  The past few weeks I have been trying a variety of ICONs and high-end options and some have been a challenge.  Reviewing players who do not gel with your playstyle or do not come as advertised can be almost taxing.  Yet this card brought a sense of enjoyment to this Weekend League and some of the turns, assists, and goals just brought a smile to my face.  The best compliment I can give this card is… it was fun to use.  Cheers for reading.



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