FIFAe Nations, Results and Summary

The FIFAe Nations Cup 2022 officially comes to an end in Copenhagen. This tournament has had it all from tense matches, fast paces games and huge upsets to many nations. The FIFAe Nations saw 24 nations all challenge in the group stages (split into four groups) to book their place in the knockout rounds and dream of the chance of reaching and winning the final of the eNations cup.

Out of all 24 nations in the group stages we saw 16 progress into the knockout rounds leaving behind:

Group A: Scotland, Singapore

Group B: Japan, Peru

Group C: Kazakhstan, Korea Republic

Group D: Morocco, India

The highest standard of FIFA esports was put on display with Argentina topping Group A, Germany Group B, Portugal Group C and Mexico topping Group D although being tied on points with Poland and the Netherlands.

FUTBIN had the pleasure to talk to one out of three of the Argentina esports squad with ‘Nicolas99FC’ who discussed the importance of being at the FIFAe Nations Cup and what it means to be at the tournament representing his country: “we are so proud, Argentina is a big country in football with Messi and Maradona at the top... it is so special”.


Along with Nicolas99FC we also had the opportunity to speak to Mexico esports contestant ‘Joksan’ who talks about the difference of playing in a 1v1 tournament compared to a 2v2 tournament and how he would like the fans to understand what this Mexico team can do: “in 2v2 I like the team aspect, when you score you get loud. The fans at home can expect us to get very loud when we score goals.”


The FIFAe Nations has been full of goals, extra-time, and last-minute winners but only 4 nations could make it to the semi-final. After beating the hosts of the tournament 5-2 on aggregate, Italy booked their spot in the semi-finals alongside Brazil who beat France 2-1 in the second leg after a scoreless first tie.

On the other side of the bracket we saw Poland book their spot in the semi-finals after beating England 2-1 on aggregate, alongside, Sweden who beat Argentina 1-0 in the second leg

So how did it go down in the semi-finals?

Italy were matched-up against Brazil, two of the most iconic nations in Football history and two favorites in the FIFAe Nations go head to head in the semi-final and it did not disappoint – in the first leg the match finished 2-2 meaning there was everything to play for in the second leg which also finished 2-2 at fulltime, extending the game to extra time where Brazil were composed to finish the game 3-2 in extra time and after a 210 minute Semi-Final of FIFA played, reached the final of the FIFAe Nations.

After a tense match-up against Italy, Portugal have had all the tough practice they could ever ask for, going into the final they will feel like they can go and win the entire tournament now.

Unlike the Brazil v Italy game, Sweden v Poland was completely one-sided with Poland dominating the first-leg winning 3-0 against Sweden meaning they had the potential final place to defend in the second leg. Not only did Poland defend their initial 3 goal lead they also added another 3 to the tally while conceding only 1 in the second leg, putting Poland into the final of the FIFAe Nations Cup, winning 6-1 on aggregate and boosting the team with confidence before lining up for their biggest game of the season.

The FIFAe Nations Cup Final:

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally come, Brazil v Poland are the finalists of the biggest FIFAe Sports tournament, both nations have come a long way to reach this moment and have produced some of the best FIFA performances we have seen this season.

Brazil roster:



Sub: Klinger

Poland roster:



Sub: Bejott

The first leg was a tense 90 minutes where both clubs remained passive for the majority of the game where we saw only 1 shot in the full match – both nations looked patient on the ball while looking to create chances, however in the first leg both nations lacked to produce good chances in the final third. The suspense doubles as we go into the second and final leg of the FIFAe Nations where we will see one of Poland or Brazil lift the eNations trophy and win much of the $400,000 prize pool.

Going into the second leg of the FIFAe Nations is where we will see the story unfold, the match started off with a Brazil kick-off where they continued to hold possession for 6 minutes when they found Ronaldo in space to give them their first shot of the match. Brazil’s second shot came in the 14th minute with Messi inside of the box, however, this weak footed shot goes wide of the left post. Poland look to bounce back with their first chance in the 21st minute where Ronaldo’s finesse shot outside of the box was saved by van der Sar.

Poland opens the scoring. A timed cross from right-back Cancelo finds Kimpembe who made a darting run inside of the Brazil box who has a green-timed finish to smash home a Poland goal just before the first-half.

The second-half is underway as Poland look to add to their 1-0 lead with a long-range effort from Ginola that is tipped out for a corner, however, the fun was quickly over for Poland as Brazil level the scoring in the 64th minutes as Messi’s timed finish shot smashes the back of the net to get Brazil back in the game


On the last kick of the game! Brazil turn the scoring to win the game 2-1 in the second-leg of the FIFAe Nations! A ball into Ronaldo who turns in the box and finds the goal for Brazil and secure them the win. The champions have been set: Phzin, Crepaldi, Klinger and the backroom staff have earned their place as the second ever FIFAe Nations Cup winners.

A huge congratulations from FUTBIN to Brazil for winning the tournament! And thanks to all the contestants and FIFAe for creating one of the best ever FIFA tournaments.