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Ligue 1 TOTS FUT Champions Rewards Compensation

With the likes of Neymar, Mbappe, Messi and Renato on offer this weekend, Ligue 1 TOTS may have been the sweatiest FUT Champions of the year. If you braved it then you’re in for a treat, any player who was rewarded with Ligue 1 FUT Champions picks will be getting those same picks again. 

If you played FUT Champions over Ligue 1 weekend then you may have noticed that certain players didn’t appear in your picks. No we’re not rubbing in the fact that you packed Andre, Samba and Cabella but if you played FUT Champions this weekend then you’re going to be given another shot at the big cards. Moussa Sissoko, Marco Verratti and Wissam Ben Yedder had been mistakenly excluded from the ‘Ligue 1 FUT Champions TOTS Player Item’ rewards (Red Picks) meaning only 15 of the 18 Ligue 1 TOTS cards had been included.

Will We Be Getting Free FUT Champions Rewards?

Those who played FUT Champions this weekend and achieved 9 or more wins will receive compensation if you opened the rewards before the issue was fixed. EA Sports rectified their mistake around 12:30 am last night (May 31st) and tweeted “Impacted players who previously opened Ligue 1 FUT Champions TOTS Player Items rewards will receive corrected rewards”. No matter how good or probably bad your red picks were this week, you’ll get another shot at packing the big cards! 

When Will We Get Our Compensation?

The tweet from @EAFIFADirect said that the impacted players will receive their rewards in the coming days. However this was also said about compensation from the Community TOTS Upgrade pack and we were given the TOTS pack 19 days later. Realistically we’re probably going to get the same picks again and it may take two weeks to get them, but they’re free so we can’t see a need to complain. Good luck in the next round of picks!



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