FUTBIN 19 - What's new?

Over the summer, we at FUTBIN have been working non-stop in order to provide additional features and functionality for our users. The support we have received from the community, especially those over at r/FIFA, is second to none, and we are truly honoured to have such a fantastic player base joining us on this journey. So, what exactly have we been working on over the summer you ask? A lot.


#1 We have implemented real world football data, that perfectly links up with everything FUT!

  • Live score pages, keeping you updated with all the real world fixtures, goals and results.

  • A dedicated OTW page, showing you when each players next match is, any upcoming fixtures, and the up-to-date live games as they happen, complete with live statistics.

  • A brand new “IRL” feature allows you to track every players progress across the year, showing how many goals have been scored, assists, matches played, you name it, we’ve got it!

  • This is only the start, we still have much more to come!


#2 A brand new comment system has been implemented, allowing the community to really come together and unite. The majority of our content will have a comments section, including; player pages, news articles, TOTW, SBC pages, reviews, the list is simply too long to complete!


#3 We have completely revamped the squad builder we provide, ensuring a faster, smoother journey for all of our users. On top of this, we have made it much more user friendly, when it comes to using mobile or tablet devices.


#4 A reworked draft simulator will be available, for all of you regular draft players. The animations will also be updated to those of FIFA 19 soon.


#5 We have completely re-written aspects of the website, to ensure that those using it on mobile devices have an equal experience.

  • The player pages are more accessible than ever from mobile devices, with the addition of tabs and a reworked navigation system.

  • A new header allows for easier searching.

  • The new navigational bar provides a tonne more options, and a much cleaner look.

  • Many pages that lacked mobile support in the past, such as; the SBC pages, market, homepage etc, now have full mobile support.


#6 The “My Lists” feature, now supports the quantity of players, calculating the entire list automatically.


#7 We have really worked on the design element of the website, introducing some graphics, designs and even a dark theme, that can be enabled via the navigation bar.


#8 The tech side of things;

  • We have upgraded our servers.

  • Upgraded from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 (CSS to SCSS).

  • Partly new backend using NodeJS.


We will also be releasing our Android and iOS applications, with FUT 19 support, towards the end of September/early October. Watch this space!




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