FUTBIN 18 - What's new?

Before going into what we changed we would like to thank you all for an amazing FIFA 17 year.  The community support was outstanding.  Special thanks to the r/FIFA community on Reddit, which provided great feedback and ideas throughout the year.

A few words about the FUTBIN setup

In the last couple of months the FUTBIN devs have worked on the new version of the site.  As you probably already noticed, we have redesigned most of the pages.  During this time our development team have re-written the backend code, which will allow us to develop FUTBIN faster and better going forward.


Let’s talk about what we changed


  • PC platform support
  • Side bar which includes the latest players you watched, “My squads” and the latest squads you watched(click on the eye icon on the top right side of the nav bar)
  • New Article section
  • New user area including a new profile page

Home page:

  • Quick icons bar which allows you to navigate faster
  • Quick look at the market index
  • New SBC being displayed on the first screen in a better way
  • Random new squads, top reviews and today’s top packs

Player page:

  • First and probably the most obvious thing is the PC prices box, we will try to do our best to add a support for PC prices this year
  • Better chemistry style control with RPP being displayed in the first screen and not in an hidden tab
  • Better hovering – hover other player versions will now take into account the chemistry style, total base stats, total IGS and more
  • New stats layout which is being displayed directly and not in a tab
  • New “Mode” button, which let you change the order between the graph and detailed stats
  • Reviews – You can now write and read player reviews
  • Similar Players section – on the bottom of the player page you’ll be able to find the most similar players to the one you are currently watching

Squad Builder:

  • New design
  • Chemistry Style support
  • Tradable\Untradable support
  • Small bug fixes that occurred on FUT 17 squad builder
  • Support for copying a squad


  • New FIFA 18 design, including support for different backgrounds that changes dependant upon the players you draw
  • New animations

Squad Building Challenges:

  • Completed challenges – Logged in users can now mark which challenges they have completed
  • PC prices
  • More to come soon ;)


What has been removed?

  • PS3 and XBOX 360 platform support
  • Squad analysis page (might come back later this year)
  • FUT 16 squad builder



We have added a lot of other stuff that we didn’t mention above which you will come accross.  We are planning on improving and adding new features during the year, including the import feature, iOS / Android app updates and a lot more.

Have a great FUT18 !!
The FUTBIN Team 


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