From 0 to 1,000,000 Coins - Part I


So here it is, the guide you have all been waiting for (even if you didn’t know it), the guide that could potentially change your entire life! We will be taking a completely fresh account and slowly working our way up from 0 to 1,000,000 coins! So buckle in and get ready for one hell of a bumpy ride!

First things first, we have just loaded up the game, logged into FUT and are faced with some basic options like choosing kits, a loan player and even a badge. These choices are all fairly irrelevant, choose whichever you like the most and skip forward until you find yourself on the main FUT menu. Now we are ready to start things off.

EA Catalogue

The EA catalogue is located in the top right of the screen and while accessible to everyone, certain items require both a certain EA level from the user as well as a certain amount of EA coins. Now both of these are obtained by simply playing the game, whether offline or online, but ultimately they take a fair while to increase.

For the purpose of this guide we will simply assume nobody has access, however if you do there are a few items we want to unlock as soon as we possibly can:

1. Additional transfer space. These will allow you to list more items at any given time on the transfer market, up to a total of 100.
2. Balls, kits and contracts. These will provide a small boost to income in the early stages of the game. The balls and kits can be quick sold for a small chunk of coins while the contracts offer 99 matches each and hence can be sold on the transfer market.
3. Coin boosts. Each of these provide the user a coin boost for each game they complete. The value ranges from an additional 200 coins a match all the way up to an additional 1000 coins a match. These cannot be stacked, so use them one at a time for maximum efficiency.
4. Loan players. Completely optional here, but if you fancy giving your squad a nice early boost, you can sign some of the top players for a few games, giving you that edge in those early matches.

As mentioned above, none of this is needed to proceed with the guide, however if they are available then they each provide a nice little boost and ultimately speed up the process in the early stages.

Daily/Weekly Challenges

A new addition to FUT this year sees the release of both daily and weekly objectives added to each players profile. Now once again these are not vital for proceeding, however some of them are incredibly simple to complete and can provide anything from a few hundred coins up to a wide variety of packs.

Sometimes you will find yourself completing these by accident and at other times they will be so simple that you simply have to complete them. Either way, these will add a small amount of coins to our overall balance as we progress through the stages.

Maximising Player Value

This is the part where most people act irrationally. Yes, the whole point of this game mode is to slowly upgrade your team so that eventually you have your absolute dream players, however it’s just like in real life, those who save their pay-checks and invest, will always be better off in the long run than those who simply splash the cash.

Upon loading FUT we are each provided with a starter side consisting of bronze players, a few silvers and even a couple of golds. Now while this team is anything but competitive, it is definitely more than enough to kick start off our grind. These players each have full fitness, enough contracts to get through a bunch of games and hence they will be the players we use to start with.

My advice here, is to simply use this side until they run out of contracts or their fitness gets to a level that simply becomes unplayable. Either way, this should easily be enough to get you up until the end of this part of the guide. 

For those fearful that this will become their life, fear not! Next time we start playing matches, we will ensure our team is improved significantly, but with a cause as well.

Remember that if you really need a change and you have catalogue points, you can unlock some of those loan players to give you that boost.

Playing Matches

Right, so here we are, finally we can start actually playing this game that we spent a fortune on! As mentioned above, we have our team and we are ready to rock and roll! 

Now we have two options here:

1. Online seasons. The benefits here are that you will be playing online against other players and that after each division is completed you will be receiving a coin bonus based on how you finish.
2. Squad Battles. A new feature to FUT this year sees players given the option to play a competitive mode of FIFA against the AI. While we will not be receiving rewards for completing seasons, we will be granted a bonus amount of coins and packs based on the amount of points we achieve weekly.

Both methods of gameplay have their merits and both will achieve the same outcome down the line, it’s predominantly personal preference as to which route you choose to take here.

Now while the coins we are receiving are fantastic, it’s going to be one hell of a grind if this is all we do. That’s why each time we complete a match and gather some coins, we are going to be putting them to the best possible use.

Bronze Pack Method (BPM)

Bronze Pack Method, the holy grail of trading for any new trader. There are a million guides and walkthroughs that cover this method, however we are obviously going to be linking the absolute best one around, ours! – Link to Bronze Pack Method

As the guide explains, we will simply be opening the 400 coin packs and then listing anything and everything that has even the slightest chance of selling. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme or anything of the sort, it is a slow and steady grind that not only provides short term profit but also stacks our clubs with hundreds of players and consumables for later use as well. 

Keep in mind that this guide is a few months old and with the market as it is now, things may be slightly different (individual fitness cards are tougher to sell as an example), however you will quickly start to learn and remember what you want to be checking and what you know simply will not sell, massively speeding up this process along the way.

To maximise efficiency within these early stages, we want to be opening as many bronze packs as we can after each match. Whether it’s 1 or 10, by acting in this manner we ensure that the transfer list is constantly being refreshed as items sell or expire, allowing us to refill it with minimum effort.

Achieving Our Goal

As mentioned, this guide should take you all the way up to around 15,000 coins. Some people may get extremely lucky with a bronze pack allowing them to get there almost instantly, while for others it may be a slightly longer grind. In reality though, this should be taking a few hours at most and will set us up perfectly for the second part of these guides!


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