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So here we are, the mid way point in the season, and so very close to EA’s annual ratings refresh. Some of you may be new to FIFA, and some of you may simply benefit from a quick refresh, so what exactly is this event, and what exactly does it entail?

For the purpose of these predictions, it is important to note that we have taken all ratings and guesses from Career Mode. These are the current ratings, and hence as close to a reliable set of predictions as we can create.

What Is Ratings Refresh

Ratings refresh used to be a time for EA to adjust players base card stats, according to how successful their season had been. Back in the day, this would involve both upgrades and downgrades, however in recent years, EA have scrapped the negative and focused solely on the positives, the upgrades.

A player with a strong first half of the season is likely to see their base card obtain an upgrade. Now this doesn’t automatically increase the stats of those found within packs, instead releases a new batch of cards which replace the older version inside of future packs. 

These upgrades can often increase a players stats to a level that matches or exceeds special cards received across the season, but fear not, as when this happens, EA are already prepared to mimic such adjustments to the relevant cards.


Now let’s look at this process alongside some basic examples:

Ziyech 82 → 84 (+2)

So let’s assume that Ziyech receives a +2 upgrade as predicted. This would then remove his 82 rated base card from packs, and replace it with an 84 card instead.

As it stands, Ziyech has has 4 special cards that were available in packs. An Inform, a second Inform, a Champions League card and a Headliner card. Now if we take his new base card, and apply the upgrades accordingly we will see how things change.

IF 84 → 86
SIF 86 → 87
CL 83 → 85
HL 87 → 88

Both Inform cards see a boost in line with the upgrade, along with his CL and Headliner cards. By taking the new value of the base card, the same upgrades are then replicated and applied, giving us these results.

Gonzalo Martinez 78 → 79 (+1)

Ospina currently has a 78 rated base card, and if we refer to the table above, we see that this produces an 82 rated Inform. If he then receives the predicted +1 boost, his base card changes to a 79 rated card, and when we look at the table, this also produces an 82 rated Inform.

In a situation such as this, no change is required and normally the Inform remains the same rating. Keep in mind that Martinez has a hero card instead of an Inform, but the same logic should apply.


Let’s Talk Numbers, the +2 and Above Changes

Frankie de Jong 77 → 82 (+5)

Let’s start things off with a big one, a possible +5 for the man who has recently secured a summer move to Barcelona! De Jong has been sensational in midfield this season, averaging a match rating of 7.51, while contributing to all aspects of the pitch. With 3 goals under his belt as well, he shows that he is the complete package, and a boost from 77 to 82 feels right.

De Ligt 80 → 83 (+3)

Onto Frenkie’s Dutch counterpart now, as we talk about another youngster taking the world by storm. De Ligt has been attracting attention from the largest of clubs around the world, with a summer exit looking more and more likely by the day. Over the course of the season he has been fundamental in the success of Ajax, even if they aren’t quite atop the table. With 2 goals and an assist too, he shows that he can also deliver that attacking threat too.

Bergwijn 77 → 80 (+3)

Another potential +3 now, as we move across to league leaders PSV, where we find an attacking player who ticks all the right boxes. Bergwijn has played a part in a massive 21 goals for PSV so far this year, scoring 9 himself and providing a further 12 assists. His average match rating of 7.99 is an incredible achievement, and an upgrade of this size is the least he deserves.

Pozuelo 76 → 79 (+3)

We head across to Genk now, where this Spanish prodigy has had a fantastic season to date. Now Pozuelo may not boast insane numbers when it comes to goals scored or assisted, but to say that he hasn’t been the glue holding the team together would just be wrong. Securing an average match rating of 7.18, alongside a goal and a few assists, a boost to a 79 card here feels solid.

Ziyech 82 → 84 (+2)

This is the one! The player I have been excited to write about since we started these articles! Ziyech has played 19 games for Ajax so far this year, and has been the best player on the pitch, securing the man of the match accolade on 10 of these occasions, that’s over 50%! On top of this he has adapted to a new wide role, scored 12 goals and assisted another 8, while achieving an average match rating of 8.70!! A +2 upgrade is actually far short of what is deserved in my opinion, this guy needs a much bigger boost!

Lozano 80 → 82 (+2)

Here we go, the player I’m sure many of you wanted to read about! This young Mexican has once again dazzled the world, with yet another sensational season with PSV. From the 21 games played, Lozano has scored 13 goals, assisted 6 and secured an average rating of 7.93. Much like with Ziyech, I feel that +2 isn’t quite enough; boost him to an 83 and I would be much happier.

Luuk De Jong 78 → 80 (+2)

Our final write up in this rest of the world article sees us staying with PSV, where we change our attentions to their striker, Luuk de Jong. From 22 games, he has almost averaged a goal a game, scoring 20 and assisting a further 5. His average rating sits at 8.50, which in itself is an incredible achievement, and once again, I just don’t believe this boost is enough.

The Remaining +2 Changes

Onana 78 → 80
Sousa 77 → 79
Dabbur 76 → 78
Malinovskyi 76 → 78
Trossard 76 → 78


Here is the list of anticipated upgrades:



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