FROM 0 TO 1,000,000 COINS - PART II


15,000 - 75,000 coins

Right then, part two is here and we can finally start making some serious progress in this push to 1,000,000 Coins!

Assuming you followed part one, we will be sitting pretty on at least 15,000 coins and hence ready to undertake each and every challenge that lies ahead.

Squad Builder Challenges (SBC)

Squad builder challenges were a new feature introduced to FUT last year. The premise behind these is that players are exchanged for a reward, simple right? It is key to remember that any players we submit here, will be gone forever and are part of a direct swap for the reward offered.

Some general rules before we jump into these:

1. Always aim to pay as little as possible. This involves sniping, bidding and at times simply being patient to buy your players for a cheaper than average price.
2. Never buy price fixed or over priced players, there will always be a cheaper solution available.
3. If a challenge requires specific players that are inflated due to other reasons, simply make a note and come back to it at a later date.
4. While obtaining these players you may find that you are easily able to win bids or snipes at below market price. In this case you have found a fantastic, temporary trading filter! Make sure you use this to your advantage and abuse it to grow that coin total even more.
5. Some challenges require loyalty on players or can simply be made cheaper by obtaining it. Loyalty can be achieved by packing players or using them for 10 games. While simply  forfeiting matches or using the “dashboard method” works, we can use these teams to play matches and hence grow our coin total further.
6. While our coin balance remains fairly low, we need to ensure we are listing up everything that sells from any reward packs. Use FUTBIN to quickly check for their current market price and save yourselves some time.

Let’s Get Started

This is the first SBC we will undertake, and while the rewards are non-tradable and rather dull, we must complete this in order to move on.

The SBC is made up of three parts and is designed to be completed using the players we received at the start. Simply fill in the spots using the starting squad you received, claim your rewards and open the packs. This will unlock full access to the other challenges and allow us to continue through the guide.

League and Nation Hybrid

Now that we have access to the slightly more complex challenges, the first one we will turn our attention to is this. The SBC consists of four parts, each providing a reward that ensures profit, and just in case this wasn’t enough, we are also offered a cool 12,000 coins for completing all four!

Hybrid Master - Rare Players Pack

The first part we want to look at is the fourth and final challenge, “Hybrid Master”. This challenge requires a team with chemistry that is impossible without loyalty (players that have either played 10 games for your club or ones that were packed by yourself). Not only will we be building this squad for the challenge, but we will also be playing 10 games with them to achieve the chemistry we require.

Now when we buy a player, 90% of the time they will be fresh and hence come with just 7 contracts available. Remember all of that BPM we did in part one, well the contracts we obtained there are going to come into fantastic use now, allowing us to boost each of these players up to the magical 10 contract mark.

In-between playing these games, we need to ensure that we are keeping on top of our transfer list, removing sold items and re-listing others. We also want to ensure that we continue to apply coin boosts if available and use the BPM whenever space or coins allow. If fitness ever becomes an issue, we can always play against the AI on a reduced difficulty or use another method to finish off the remaining games.

After this short grind we should have recovered a large portion of our coins spent and also have the required loyalty, allowing us to submit the squad and receive the reward. Hopefully we get some insane luck, but the reality is that we won’t, simply list everything up and get ready for the next SBC.

Tough - Mega Pack

We now move into the third challenge in this group and luckily for us it follows a very similar pattern to the first, we need loyalty. Now I know this part is rather tedious and playing so many games can really drag, however the additional coins we earn from games and continuous BPM will really give us a boost going forward. If you really can’t stand the thought of more games with these teams though, feel free to simply forfeit the games required or use the dashboard method for the loyalty. Either way, we should have more than enough bronze contracts to once again ensure each player has a total of 10.

Whichever method you choose, soon enough we will have the required loyalty and hence be able to submit the squad for the reward. Once again ensure that you are listing everything up and replenishing that coin total once more.

Intermediate - Rare Gold Pack & 1,500 Coins

Right, that’s the majority of the hard work out of the way and finally we come across some challenges that can easily be done without loyalty. Simply complete this challenge, sniping and bidding to reduce costs, submit and open the pack. Once again remember to list everything up.

The Puzzler - Premium Gold Players Pack

The final part of this SBC is luckily the easiest. Same logic as above, complete for as cheap as possible, open the pack and list the contents. 

Even if you have had the worst luck possible we should still be in a little profit and either way, the 12,000 coins we now receive for completing all four ensures that we are comfortably in profit overall.

Hybrid Leagues & Hybrid Nations

We now move into the other two challenges that fall under the “advanced” category in the SBC section. Once again both these challenges consist of four parts each and in order to complete a couple, loyalty is ideal. To start with we will be looking at the final part of each challenge and how we can group them together to save some time.

National Pride & Squad Goals - 1 Mega Pack Each

We should now have more than enough coins to complete both of these challenges without breaking a sweat. The bonus here, is that while they may require loyalty, they definitely won’t need loyalty on each and every player. By working out how much each challenge requires, we can build ourselves a squad consisting of a mixture of the two teams and gain the required loyalty in just 10 games instead of 20. Once again, playing these games will give us a fantastic coin boost and if you have been keeping up with your BPM, contracts shouldn’t be any kind of an issue.

When finished, simply submit both the squads and grab yourself both the mega packs. Same process as before here, list everything and get ready for the next part!

Remaining Challenges

The good news is we are completely finished with challenges that require loyalty. Finally we can power through some challenges and simply enjoy opening the packs. 

Hybrid Leagues
Rare Fives - Jumbo Gold Pack
Seven Suspects - Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
Prime Nine - Prime Gold Players Pack
Group Reward - Rare Mega Pack

Hybrid Nations
Quads - Premium Gold Players Pack
The Six - Premium Gold Pack
It Takes Eight - Prime Gold Players Pack
Group Reward - Rare Mega Pack

Open the packs, list up what you can with the space you have and send the rest to the club for now. Ensure that you are replacing items on your transfer list when space opens up until we have eventually listed everything that sells!

Achieving Our Goal

Between playing matches, opening bronze packs and completing this set of challenges, we should comfortably be pushing that 75,000 coin mark. It may seem unrealistic, it may sound impossible, but if you have been careful, smart and patient, then there is no reason we shouldn’t be closer to 100,000 by now!

While trading and SBC’s can offer a huge amount of coins, simple things like coin management is what really makes the difference. Utilising the bronze contracts, using teams we needed for challenges to play games and making sure we list everything we open in these packs is what really separates us from the majority of the player-base.

If you complete this guide with time to spare, keep utilising the BPM and if you need a team to play some more games, simply buy players for discard, use them until their fitness is gone and then list them again to regain any coins spent. Coin management at its finest!

For those of you who enjoy a visual aid while completing such a guide, I will also be releasing a YouTube video for each part, showing you that this can be achieved! They can all be found on my channel 👉 ImADuckQuack YouTube channel

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