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TOTS Immobile Review

TOTS Immobile Review

I am not sure what was going through my head when I settled on two mammoth attackers to lead the line this past weekend, knowing full well that the gameplay would require speed and precision, and knowing full well that the mammoth went extinct.  When I think back on the decision I swear I was not trying to set the record for the tallest squad deployed this past weekend… and instead I chose each striker for entirely different reasons, and it just so happens that both could be guards in the NBA.  I mentioned in my review that Vlahovic was selected in hopes that his TOTS would be a reincarnated version of his Future Stars card … while Immobile was selected for the 1 ?/ 1 ? boost and some seriously impressive statistics.  After the squad was set I was actually more conscious of playing the odd cross into the box and truthfully was a good reminder of alternate routes to goals that, if anything, keep your opponents on their toes.  Simply based on results it was Immobile who edged the slightly taller Vlahovic for air supremacy, but the opportunities to shine were still few and far between.  Playing on the ground it was my hope that the ENGINE chemistry style would help Immobile in the key areas… and at least in this case I knew if it didn’t work there would be endless ‘Ciro is immobile’ jokes at my disposal.  Lame dad jokes aside, I was incredibly optimistic going into this review with Immobile leading the 4-2-2-2 and my squad into this weekend.  Immobile took some advantage of the new tools at his disposal all weekend long in the following squad:  

Starting Formation:

In-game Formation:



Rating: 8/10
Pace Rating: 8/10
Dribbling Rating: 8/10
Shooting Rating: 10/10
Passing Rating: 8/10
Physical Rating: 8/10
Defending Rating: N/A

I was certainly kicking myself a few times this weekend due to a lack of quickness up top in my squad as Immobile and Vlahovic lumbered around the pitch like trucks in an F1 Grand Prix for much of the weekend.  Yet if there was one shiny light about this duo it would be the opportunity to compare them directly against one another and report back on the findings… silver linings and all that.  Whether it was the subtle step in pace that Immobile seemed to carry over Vlahovic, or the visible benefits of the 5 STAR WEAK FOOT, and even the minute difference in their responsiveness… all categories paved the path to giving Immobile a +1 overall from Vlahovic across the review.   


Main Statistics - Shooting

Shooting Rating: 10/10
Weak Foot: ★★★★
Traits: Outside Foot Shot

I don’t want this review to be 100% made up of, “Vlahovic did this, while Immobile did this” but in this case, it feels unavoidable.  Both cards racked up a lackluster 9 goals in 15 matches, but given some of the insane defensive tactics maybe I am slightly too harsh on the results…. but what is undeniable is the methods that they went about scoring them.  For Vlahovic it is all about that left foot and the ridiculous angles and finishes that he can produce when given the space and opportunities.  There is a potency about the way that Vlahovic connects with the ball that is extremely satisfying to watch. But that is his one weapon and you are left fighting to work the ball back to those positions as opposed to exploring other opportunities to ripple the mesh.  With Immobile it was a much more rounded attack as the newly improved 5 STAR WEAK FOOT passed the test, the traditional right was firing at high consistency, and even the few aforementioned headers produced an added threat. 


Main Attribute - 4 STAR SKILLS

Dribbling Rating: 8/10
Pace Rating: 8/10
Height: 185cm | 6’1

91 AGILITY, 99 BALANCE, 94 BALL CONTROL & 99 DRIBBLING.  The dribbling boosts and addition of the 4 STAR SKILLS are a massive part of the dream being sold to you on the surface of this card.  You (and I) want so badly for a taller card who can tango on the ball, and therefore we let down our guard about any player over 175cm | 5’9, and believe.  Believe… That this is the one to lead you to the promised land and take the club forward… only to come crashing back down to earth the second you successfully turn PIM Maldini and then realize he is back, in position, smoking a cigarette and laughing in your face before you get a chance to shoot.  The 99 ACCELERATION is a massive culprit in this card's downfall, but I will say that I found the 99 SPRINT SPEED more than adequate with Immobile’s player animations. 


Value/Coins & Good vs. Bad

Value/Coins Rating: 3.5/5
Good vs Bad Rating: 3/5

I want to avoid the conversation, but it keeps staring me right back in the face… Immobile is better than Vlahovic in a lot of areas.  I still haven’t even mentioned the complete lack of any traits on the Serbian either… then you add in the 5 STAR WEAK FOOT and general superiority in quality and it becomes a no brainer.  Compared to what is available I would never call Immobile a steal, but it is better value than his partner in crime this weekend.

Like the proverbial blind mice, it was an exercise in which of my strikers could give the ball away more this weekend.  In the end, it was Vlahovic taking home the prize and therefore the lower rating, but I swear Immobile tried his best to take the trophy and my sanity.  The issue is 100% the lack of acceleration and agility which allows defenders to close down space, exposing passing and vision more so than a quicker counterpart.  The need to shield the ball is increased in those congested situations and It is worth noting that Vlahovic did come out victorious in this category for those who value those categories highly in their decision making.


Closing Words

This review slowly became a buy Immobile over Vlahovic debate… Which I seriously didn’t mean or want to do.  Yet with the two playing alongside each other all weekend it just sort of happened that way.  The problem with the debate is that I would not recommend either in truth.  Many of the same problems arose with Immobile that did with Vlahovic… the main one being the inability to work the ball into areas that utilize their finishing abilities.  In the end, there are cheaper and superior striker options you can use for now… While you save the coins and harvest your organs to try those top tier options. Immobile did manage some nice goals in a variety of ways.  But still not a card I would want to follow into battle moving forward.  With all of that said we move towards the Ultimate TOTS Weekend.  Ultimate Sweat. Ultimate Grind.  Ultimate Pain.  Are there any TOTS, PIM, or recent cards we missed that could lead the way through the grind that is about to come?  I would be interested in perhaps going back and reviewing one or two cards this weekend that we have missed and are simply too good to pass up.  Let me know in the comments.  Hoping you are safe and well.  Cheers for reading.



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