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FIFA 23 Team of the Year (TOTY) Starts Friday! Promo News, Release Date & More

The Team of the Year Community Voting gets underway today (January 10th) to determine the FIFA 23 TOTY squad.

With 100 Nominees to choose from, including 10 Goalkeepers, 25 Defenders, 35 Midfielders & 30 Attackers, it’s time for the FIFA Community to cast their vote as to who will be the squad of 11 Team of the Year items (plus 12th man) for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

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Latest Team of the Year News

Team of the Year Release Date

Team of the Year Card Design

TOTY Voting Information

TOTY Goalkeeper Nominees

TOTY Defender Nominees

TOTY Midfielder Nominees

TOTY Attacker Nominees

Team of the Year Prediction


Latest Team of the Year News 

TOTY Confirmed – Loading Screen – January 17th

Team of the Year is confirmed for Friday, January 20th after EA released the following Loading Screen into FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.



Team of the Year Release Date

Team of the Year will be kicking off on Friday January 20th after the Centurions 2-week event comes to a close.

Here is how the TOTY event will likely look, as there are typically staggered releases for Attackers, Midfielders, Defenders, and the full TOTY & 12th man.

Friday January 20th – TOTY Attackers announced & released into packs for 48 hours

Sunday January 22nd – TOTY Midfielders announced & released into packs for 48 hours

Tuesday January 24th – TOTY Defenders & Goalkepeers announced & released into packs for 48 hours

Thursday January 26th – Full TOTY released into packs for 8 days

Friday January 27th – 12th man announced & released into packs for 7 days, alongside a TOTY Nominees/Honourable Mentions squad.


Team of the Year Card Design

The Team of the Year Card Design has been added into FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and we have to say, the EA Designers have outdone themselves once again. TOTY is looking unreal!



TOTY Voting Information

The TOTY Vote has ended.

The voting commenced at 4pm UK on Tuesday January 10th 2023, and ended on Tuesday, January 17th at 8am UK



TOTY Goalkeeper Nominees

Hugo Lloris

Mike Maignan

Emiliano Martínez

Wojciech Szczęsny

Kevin Trapp



Let us know who you’d like to see as the Goalkeeper for FIFA 23 Team of the Year.


TOTY Defender Nominees

Here are the 25 Defenders that have been included in the FIFA 23 TOTY Voting. Yep, we’re asking where Rudiger & Alaba are too… 



Who are your 4 Defenders for the FIFA 23 Team of the Year?


TOTY Midfielder Nominees

Here are the 35 Midfielders that have been nominated this year in the FUT 23 TOTY for you to vote for.



Let us know which 3 Midfielders you believe deserve the TOTY spot!

TOTY Attacker Nominees

Here are the 30 Attackers that have been nominated for the FIFA 23 Team of the Year. An easy decision to make?



Let us know which 3 Attackers will be getting your vote!


Team of the Year Prediction

Here it is! Now before you rush to the comments to vent your anger and frustration, (we know what you’re like) please keep in mind that this is a PREDICTION.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into our FIFA 23 Team of the Year Prediction from Aaron Grimmer.


Thibaut Courtois - GK - 90 > 97 OVR

Considering how long Courtois has been at the top of the game he is still without a TOTY in FIFA. Mostly down to the dominance of Neuer but he has never really been strongly considered as an option. That is until now and with his performances specifically in the Champions League standing out as Madrid went on to lift the title I can’t see a scenario in which the Belgian isn't selected. Although Belgium had an early exit from this World Cup it was clear to see Courtois ability throughout, saving them on several occasions.


Theo Hernandez - LB - 85 > 95 OVR

Before the World Cup, the LB position was far from nailed on with several top-quality players simply being there without excelling. Post World Cup the decision is obvious with Hernandez already being in the group of players in contention. He showed exactly why he is recognised as one of the best in his role. Furthermore, in terms of FIFA LB’s he is among the most desirable options which will heavily sway the voting in his favour without performances even being part of the equation.


Antonio Rudiger - CB - 87 > 96 OVR

There was a time from which the defenders in EA’s TOTY would be almost identical year to year with the likes of Ramos, Pique and more recently Van Dijk dominating the position. With the former two now out of the question it offers more flexibility. Rudiger seems to be the overwhelming favourite after his performances over the past twelve months have seriously stood out, improving significantly from the player he was previously.


David Alaba - CB - 86 > 95 OVR

Madrid’s defence during 2022 was on another level and was a huge contributor towards their success. Alaba has occupied multiple positions over his career with the Austrian being recognised as one of the best wingbacks in the world before moving to CDM, which he also impressed from. Now we are looking at a potential TOTY card for him in the CB position. Alaba is often overlooked in conversations about the best but to be recognised in three separate positions is something very few can manage.


Achraf Hakimi - RB - 84 > 94 OVR

I will get a fair few shouting for Cancelo in this side and while he is among the best wingbacks in the world has he been the best over the last 12 months? I don't think so. After a strong showing in the World Cup and the FIFA card factor being present, I think that Hakimi has done enough to get the nod.



Kevin De Bruyne - CM - 91 > 98 OVR

Kevin De Bruyne has featured in every TOTY since way back in FIFA 18 where he initially entered the side. We saw with the likes of Alves, Iniesta and Pique back in the day the amount of toll reputation has with these sides and although there is more fan-voted input now the importance of players will still play a large part. Although KDB was practically invisible during the World Cup his performances for City over the past few seasons still make him among the highest-rated midfielders in the world. He is easily the best choice for the section of the side.


Luka Modric - CM - 88 > 97 OVR

There will be a lot of Madrid selections for this side after they won not only their league but the Champions League too. Although the World Cup will take a toll on this side too the CL has always been a significant factor in the selection. Thankfully for Modric, he has it all with Croatia excelling once again, reaching the Semi-Finals of the World Cup for the second consecutive tournament. Although Modric is 37 years of age he still manages to pull the strings in the middle of the pitch, with his ability to pick out a pass being second to none. 


Casemiro - CDM - 89 > 97 OVR

Now let's not let the fact Casemiro currently plays for Manchester United throw you off. He is included for what he managed at Real Madrid over the calendar year before also impressing for Brazil during the World Cup. The Brazilian allows the attacking play to flow and without him sides would struggle to play so offensively while maintaining a secure defence. The one thing working against him is his FIFA card as it is not the most desirable in comparison to other potential options but going from who I feel deserves to be there Casemiro gets my vote over the likes of Valverde and Bellingham.



Kylian Mbappe - ST - 91 > 98 OVR

There has been a lot of off-the-pitch discussion surrounding Mbappe and his club situation this past year with a controversial contract being signed to keep him as a PSG player before still announcing he is unhappy at the club. What isn’t a dispute is his performances on the pitch. Scoring for fun both domestically and internationally. Mbappe is already on 12 World Cup goals, just four behind the record that Klose currently has. Considering he is just 24 years of age he still has two World Cups in him, making it very likely that he will end up surpassing that record.


Karim Benzema - ST - 91 > 98 OVR

What a year it has been for Karim Benzema, this year's Ballon D’or winner and rightfully so having been pivotal for Real Madrid in both the La Liga and Champions League titles scoring 27 and 15 times retrospectively. Unfortunately, injury denied him a spot in France’s World Cup squad but regardless of that, Benzema has done more than enough to warrant a spot in this side.


Lionel Messi - RW - 91 > 98 OVR

Messi has seemingly secured the Messi vs Ronaldo debate in terms of consensus with the addition of the World Cup in his locker now. Despite early signs of life at PSG proving difficult the Argentine has settled down domestically too with seven goals and ten assists from his opening thirteen Ligue 1 matches this season. I don't think there was any doubt that he would be making this side but his performances in Qatar prove exactly why he deserves to be there.



12th Man - Erling Haaland - ST - 88 > 97 OVR

The twelfth man is always likely to go to an attacker with the array of talent that the position showcases. There are several realistic options for this award with Lewandowski, Neymar and Haaland being realistic options. Although Haaland has not been able to perform deep into the Champions League nor at the World Cup you simply cannot argue against his ability. What he has achieved in the Bundesliga has been magnificent and he has instantly put the doubters to bed after his move to City breaking record after record already, sitting on 21 goals this season after only 15 games. Numbers we have not seen before. Haaland will likely be a familiar face on these sides over the next decade but for now, it’s likely to only be a twelfth man.



Let us know who you want to see in your FIFA 23 Team of the Year in the comments below!

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